Two Tone Colored Bubbler

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  • Bubbler pipe
  • Several color choices
  • Bent neck design prevents ash inhalation and splashback
  • Colored glass
  • Glass milli on side
  • Fixed downstem
  • Thick, durable glass
  • Deep bowl for huge dry herb packs
  • Carb hole on side for controlled airflow

The Two Tone Colored Bubbler features a beautiful design and awesome filtration capability! With this portable bubbler pipe, you and your friends will enjoy great-tasting smoke during each smoking session.

Despite its small size, the Two Tone Colored Bubbler provides awesome filtration during each smoking session! It functions the same way as a bong, but without the bulky piece, and with a more portable shape. Before the smoker inhales, smoke flows from the bowl, through the downstem, and into the water chamber. The water chamber will diffuse the smoke, losing the harsh qualities and irritating taste. By the time the smoker inhales, the smoke will be cool and smooth!

This bubbler pipe also has a carb hole on the side, which works wonders in controlling airflow while smoking. Thanks to the bent neck design, you can enjoy the great taste of your dry herbs without worrying about inhaling ash, or water splashing up. The thick glass construction will ensure that it won’t break easily. At only 7” tall, this bubbler pipe can be safely packaged away in any backpack, pocketbook, or suitcase.

No matter what your piece collection looks like, the Two Tone Colored Bubbler is sure to be a stand-out addition! Each color combination features two colors, creating a unique look, with lines that add emphasis on the base and bent neck of the pipe. The glass milli on the side of the bubbler pipe adds an awesome touch, too!