Hercules - CBD Hemp Flower

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Hercules CBD Features:

  • Eases stress, anxiety & tension
  • Provides relaxation with no fatigue/drowsiness
  • Fruity notes of orange & melon
  • Refreshing pine aftertaste

The mighty, nerve-soothing Hercules CBD flower will help to ease your stress and tension as it flexes its' considerable muscles. This CBD hemp strain combines flavors both earthy and tropical; with notes of orange and melon, plus a refreshing pine aftertaste that mitigates any overwhelming sweetness.

Hercules CBD is among the rare strains that hemp experts call "all-day strains," stimulating the mind while relaxing the body. This makes it perfect for just about any day, any occasion, night or day. In addition, many use Hercules CBD to treat eye pain, eating disorders, stress/anxiety and any other mental or emotional afflictions.