Worked Flower Pot Mini Steamroller

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This mini steamroller by Chameleon Glass is not just an average smoking pipe but truly a work of art to be shown and displayed. This steamroller is about 5" inches long and 1.5" inches wide with a traditional airflow hole on the end that acts as a carb. It features a deep bowl that sits on one side of the pipe close to the end to allow your smoke to stack in the chamber. This steamroller was hand blow in Arizona using 4mm thick borosilicate glass to ensure this glass pipe lasts you a lifetime. This steamroller is available in a few different styles that all feature worked glass flowers that give this glass smoking pipe it's unique and artistic look.


  • Chameleon Glass
  • Steamroller Pipe
  • Made in the USA
  • 5" Inches Long
  • Glass Steamroller
  • American Glass
  • Worked Glass Flower Design
  • 4mm Thick Glass