Circle Ball Perc Glass Bong

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  • 9 inches tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Water pipe under $100
  • Deep bowl for long smoking sessions
  • Toker Supply Bong
  • Accented base, bowl, mouthpiece and ball perc
  • Available in blue and teal

The Circle Ball Perc Glass Bong pairs outstanding function with a beautiful design, featuring a smoke-filtering percolator that also creates an awesome lab aesthetic. This amazing piece will give you smooth, great-tasting hits during every smoking session.

Created for smokers who enjoy smooth, cool bong rips, the Circle Ball Perc Glass Bong has multiple features that aid in diffusing your smoke. First, smoke will flow from the glass bowl and into the circle ball perc. This amazing percolator contains multiple holes, which cool your smoke for an easy hit. The smoke then flows into the water chamber, which removes more of the smoke’s harsh qualities. By the time it reaches the top of the water pipe, the smoke will be cool and easy to inhale.

The Circle Ball Perc Glass Bong has an awesome laboratory aesthetic, with clear glass and accented colors. The Maria ring, located on the neck of the water pipe, help create a neat scientific look. Priced under $100, this piece delivers outstanding value for new and veteran smokers alike.

At a modest 9 inches tall, this bong works perfectly as either an at-home water pipe or a designated travel piece. The wide base of this bong makes it the perfect candidate for placement on a coffee table in your smoking room. You can also choose to easily pack away this piece for use at your friend’s house, whether it’s ten minutes or four hours away.

The Circle Ball Perc Glass Bong is the ideal choice for smokers who also occasionally enjoy smoking concentrates. You can easily remove the dry herb bowl and replace it with a quartz banger nail to convert this water pipe to a dab rig.Then, simply load up your wax concentrates, and enjoy!