Colored Glass Beaker Bong

$ 99.99
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  • 10 inches
  • 14mm female joint
  • Sturdy beaker base
  • Zig zag design
  • Colors will vary*

The Colored  Glass Beaker Bong pairs a creative design with awesome function! This beautifully designed bong will give you and your friends to enjoy great smoking sessions.

The Colored Glass Beaker Bong provides awesome filtration, giving you the cool, smooth hits you’ve come to expect from bongs. As the smoke flows from the bowl and through the downstem, it will enter the water chamber. The water will then cool the smoke, removing some of the harsh qualities. As it flows up, the smoke will then make contact with the ice catcher. You can insert ice cubes without worrying about them falling into the water chamber. This will cool down the smoke even more, helping you to enjoy your smoking session without any hot or bad-tasting smoke.

This water pipe has an awesome design that will only improve with time. The accent on top of the pipe also ties the design together.

Shaped like a beaker, the water chamber is perfect for filtering the smoke, and also taking huge bong rips. Because it has a wide, flat bottom, the Colored Glass Beaker Bong will also remain stable on any surface.