Suver Haze - CBD Hemp Flower

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Suver Haze CBD Flower:

  • Alleviates insomnia & calms nighttime restlessness
  • Promotes healthier overall sleep cycles
  • Distinctively floral taste of pure daisies
  • Unique fragrance of earthly complexity & potent herbs

Suver Haze CBD: a fresh and floral blast of sunlit daisy flavor! Countless users celebrate this CBD hemp strain for its' distinctively floral taste, like "actually smoking daisies." Additionally, its' aroma combines refined, earthly complexities with a sharp kick of herbal "skunk" fragrance.

Most importantly, however, is what Suver Haze CBD can provide: numerous CBD users report profound improvements in their sleep cycles. For those suffering from insomnia, nightly restlessness or constant sleep disruptions, Suver Haze CBD can alleviate those symptoms and deliver a deep, restful and satisfying sleep.