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Cord Bracelet Pipe

One of the greatest inventions ever! A discrete pipe built right into a fashionable bracelet! Simply unscrew it, and you are ready to smoke! Screw it back together and take it with you anywhere!

Designs and colors may vary. If your first choice is out of stock we will send another color.This is your answer for a discreet smoking tool and a fashionable accessory. And it’s just as cool as you expected it to be.

Our cord bracelet pipes are the ideal solution for bringing a smoking apparatus to a public place for smoking in public, or as a backup method for those spontaneous smoking sessions.

The process is simple: when you are ready to smoke, simply unscrew the clasp, and you are ready to smoke! Then, when you are done, screw it back together and put your fashionable bracelet back on.

Our cord bracelet pipes are strategically designed to resemble the paracord bracelets that have become a standard fashion/survival statement. However, we prioritize the functionality of smoking in any environment over the usefulness of paracord in a survival situation.

Learning how to make a pipe bracelet is difficult. We have mastered the technique, and our pipe bracelets will give you a clean smoking experience.

While we offer cord bracelet pipes in blue, red, pink, yellow, and black, we cannot guarantee you exactly the color that you order. If your first choice is out of stock, we will send you a pipe in a different color.

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Cord Bracelet Pipe

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