Crystal Ball to Tree Perc Recycler Bong

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What do you get when you combine the diffusing precision of a crystal ball perc with the filtration power and cooling of a tree perc? That would be the Crystal Ball to Tree Perc Recycler Bong, of course! With a perfect 18” height and crafted from scientific glass, this bong is a master class in precision and delivery. Smoke travels through multiple air channels and experiences double the filtration and diffusion before traveling through the ice resting on the ice catcher, creating a smooth, frosty, clean and rich hit every time. Function meets style, as its not only efficient, but also crafted with an ultra-modern and chic design. Choose between blue, white or green to select the perfect addition to your bong lineup.

Perc Bong Features

- 16” Height
- 18mm Female Joint
- Ice Catcher
- Crystal Ball Percolator
- Tree Percolator - Multiple Air Channels
- Flared & Cushioned Mouthpiece
- Sturdy Base Platform
- Available in Blue, White or Green