Donut Perc Big Chamber Bong

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This donut perc big chamber bong features an unusual set of percolators to maximum filtration and smoke cooling. This piece stands at 14" inches tall and features several beneficial features. The joint is angled away from the bong to ensure the flame stays away from your face. The bent neck acts as a natural splashguard to prevent any water from reaching your mouth.

The donut perc features a cylinder shaped bottom that contains dozens of rounded holes to increases the surface area of your smoke. The large main chamber on this piece allows you to add a significant amount of water for the best possible smoking experience. The donut and mouthpiece have a green colored accent while the base and middle neck piece features a stunning blue glass design.

  • 14" Inches Tall
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Includes 14mm Male Bowl Piece
  • Bent Neck Splashguard
  • Angled Joint