Thick 7mm Double Honeycomb Perc Bong

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  • 12" Inches tall
  • Double honeycomb percolators for amazing diffusion
  • Three pinch ice catcher to hold tons of ice cubes
  • 7mm thick glass for extreme durability
  • Extra-wide thick base for added stability when sitting
  • Flared joint to move heat away from the piece and your face
  • Reinforced joint for added strength and structure
  • 18mm female joint includes matching bowl piece

Double the percs, double the fun!

This 7mm thick double honeycomb perc bong is the perfect daily driver. Featuring a classic design but with added strength and durability upgrades. The double honeycomb percs each contain dozens of small holes to give you the best possible smoking experience. The extra-long neck can be filled completely with ice cubes to cool down your smoke so it's easy on your lungs. It also ensures that no bong water ever reaches your mouth. The flared mouthpiece will give you a perfect airtight seal to ensure flawless function every single time.