Dual Color Multi Arm Recycler Rig

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One of the most fun and funky bong designs meets superb performance in the Dual Color Multi-Arm Recycler Rig. At 8” high, it’s super lightweight, compact and portable, plus it makes for swift and easy cleaning and maintenance. Multiple water chambers recycle the smoke repeatedly to filter and diffuse to perfection. Crafted into an exquisite design with scientific glass, the air channels allow for premium delivery of smooth, clean and frosty smoke. The flared mouthpiece creates a tight seal to provide a robust hit. And the sturdy, thick base platform will keep it level and stable on any flat surface. Get the most filtered and recycled smoke imaginable with the Dual Color Multi-Arm Recycler Rig, available in teal and purple!

Recycler Rig Features

- 8” Height
- 14mm Female Joint
- Multiple Water Filtration Chambers
- Crafted from Scientific Glass
- Flared Mouthpiece
- Compact & Portable
- Several Air Channels
- Unique & Modern Design
- Available in Teal & Purple