Dual Sprinkler Perc Glass Bong

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  • Take huge bong rips with this 14” water pipe
  • 14mm female joint
  • sprinkler percolator
  • Accented percs
  • Accentuated sections creates a neat bong aesthetic
  • Feels comfortable in your hands
  • Sturdy base
  • Maria rings throughout water pipe
  • Deep bowl for long smoking sessions
  • Compatible with quartz nail for concentrate smoking

The Dual Sprinkler Perc Glass Bong provides the ultimate dry herb smoking experience with excellent filtration and a unique design that showcases the accented percs. You’ll enjoy cool, great-tasting hits during each smoking session.

The Dual Sprinkler Perc Glass Bong is designed to give you cool, great-tasting hits with its multiple smoke filtration features. First, smoke will flow from the bowl and through the joint. As it travels through the first sprinkler perc, it will enter the water, which is the first step in removing some of the smoke’s harsh qualities. Then, as the smoke travels upward, it will flow through the second percolator. 

In addition to the Dual Sprinkler Perc Glass Bong’s robust functionality, this piece also has a beautiful design. The two sprinkler percs are showcased behind the clear glass, with accented colors that tie the whole piece together. The Maria rings make great use of the water pipe’s tall stature, providing an interesting look as well as a neat gripping point.

The Dual Sprinkler Perc Glass Bong can also be used as a dab rig. After removing the dry herb bowl, all you must do is insert a quartz banger nail, and enjoy your flavor-rich dabs!