Fat Chamber Honeycomb Bong

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  • Water pipe under $100
  • Clear, thick scientific glass
  • 17 inches tall
  • 18mm female joint
  • Fat chamber for plenty of smoke
  • Deep bowl for plenty of dry herb
  • Ice Catcher
  • Honeycomb accent on top
  • Honeycomb perc for filtration
  • Can be converted into a dab rig

The Fat Chamber Honeycomb Bong is the perfect choice for smokers who enjoy great-tasting smooth hits, offering excellent water filtration for the best possible smoking experience.

For smokers that appreciate excellent bong filtration and the great taste that comes with it, this is the ideal choice. As the smoker inhales, smoke will flow from the bowl, through the joint and into the water chamber. The honeycomb perc, which contains tiny slits that will diffuse the smoke as it slowly rises, is directly above the water chamber. Finally, the smoke will continue to rise and pass the ice catcher. The ice catcher will suspend ice cubes above the water chamber, which offers a final layer of filtration before the smoke enters the lungs. This smoke filtration process will give you great-tasting hits during each smoking session.

This perc bong also has an awesome look, which is perfect for your smoking room. You can also enjoy the pleasant sight of the smoke traveling and the bubbles stacking because of the clear glass. And, the honeycomb texture at the top of the water pipe ties the piece together without becoming a distraction.

At 17 inches tall, the Fat Chamber Honeycomb Bong is an ideal piece for daily use, or for smoking on special occasions with friends. The large chamber will allow you to generate large amounts of smoke. The long neck also provides a comfortable gripping point. If you enjoy smoking concentrates as well, you can exchange the bowl with a dab nail.

Thanks to the thick glass and durable design, the Fat Chamber Honeycomb Bong will not break from light falls. The wide base will also help it to remain stable on any flat surfaces.