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Fumed Glass Donut Perc Water Pipe


  • 8" Inches Tall
  • Pink Accented Fumed Glass
  • Clear Polished Joints
  • Matching Dry Herb Bowl
  • Daisy Marble
  • Downstem Perc

Joint Size: 14mm Female

This fumed glass donut perc water pipe is the perfect water pipe if you love the color pink. This piece has made with fumed pink glass so the pipe changes colors under different lighting and the more you use it. The donut perc stops any splash back from getting in your mouth. This water pipe features a clear worked polished joint with a matching fumed glass dry herb bowl. A single downstem perc does the perfect job of diffusing your smoke or vapor while maintaining maximum flavor. This piece also has a daisy marble for an added aesthetic bonus. This piece has a 14mm female joint and accepts 14mm male bowls or concentrate nails.

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Fumed Glass Donut Perc Water Pipe

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