Gack Attack Brush Pack

$ 24.99
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Keep your water pipes and bongs clean with the Gack Attack Brush Pack - A quick cleaning kit for your smoking devices. This set is specially designed to effortlessly remove debris and buildup and keep your smoking experience healthy and safe! 

Because having a smoking setup is not enough, rather making sure it stays fit for usage is the main thing! These brushes are specifically designed for use with water pipes and are made of durable materials to ensure they last long.

Each brush is lightweight, making them easy to handle and maneuver during cleaning. With this pack, you can ensure your smoking accessories are always ready to use without worrying about their condition. 

The pack contains:

*18'' Round Head Brush

*12'' Flat Head Brush

*8'' Round Head Brush

*Pipe Stoppers

*Mama Hemp Custom Pipe Pick

*Funk-Proof Resealable Bag