Glass Leaf Pinched Chamber Bong

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  • 12 Inches tall with a long main chamber
  • Four pinched indents in the main chamber to prevent splashback
  • Slitted disc perc for filtration and diffusion with no drag
  • Thick rounded base, reinforced joint, thick glass for durability
  • Bent neck to prevent splashback and more comfortable smoking
  • Flared mouthpiece for airtight seal with the mouth for flawless function
  • 14mm female joint includes matching glass bong bowl

The glass leaf pinched chamber bong has some unique features that make this piece stand out and function flawlessly. Starting with the construction of this, the bottom features a thick rounded base, to ensure this piece sits safely on your table. The joint is reinforced with dewars joint for added durability and the entire piece is made with thick borosilicate glass for the highest quality. This piece features an extra-long main chamber that features four glass indents that act as a splash guard but also help with diffusion and smoke cooling. In the bottom of the main tube is a circ perc that contains several slits to increase filtration and diffusion of your smoke. Just in case the indents aren't enough to prevent splashback there is also a bent neck with a flared mouthpiece. The most stunning part of this piece is the glass leaf that is attached to the main chamber that makes this glass leaf bong stand out from traditional scientific glass bongs.