Grav Labs Thick Beaker Base Water Pipe

A sturdy and highly functional beaker.

This beaker base bong from Grav Labs stands at an incredible 16 inches tall. It is the perfect piece for anyone that likes big flavorful hits. The longer tube allows for your smoke to condense and become more flavorful before entering your lungs. The wide beaker bottom allows this piece to sit comfortably and safely on your table without risk of being knocked over. The unique geometric ice pinch allows you to fill almost the entire tube with ice for super cooled down bong hits. This water pipe is made from thick scientific glass to ensure that it last you a very long time.


  • Beaker Base Bong
  • 44mm heavy wall diameter tubing
  • Grav Labs decal on neck color will vary
  • Fire cut diffused downstem in beaker base to geometric ice catch
  • Comes with 14mm to 18mm decal'ed downstem and 14mm funnel bowl
  • Designed in Austin, TX
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