Grav Labs StraightTube with Disc Water Pipe

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Grav Labs brings a clean and sleek look to a classic shape. 

This straight tube bong from Grav Labs is an upgraded version of the old school straight tube. Starting at the bottom is an extra wide base for a sturdy smoke session and to prevent any accidental knock overs. This piece contains a honeycomb percolator that pushes your smoke and water through its dozens of small holes for maximum filtration and diffusion. To even further cool down your smoke this piece includes a unique shaped ice catcher to cool down your smoke as much as possible before you inhale it.


  • Beaker Base Bong
  • 15" Inches Tall
  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • Thick Glass
  • 44mm diameter thick wall tubing
  • 14mm female joint on fixed downstem
  • Honeycomb perc to geometric ice catch
  • Designed in Austin, TX.


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