Illuminati Glass - Sand Blasted "Smart" Web Perc Water Pipe

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  • 13" Inches Tall
  • Illuminati Glass
  • SandBlasted Smart Design
  • Double Stacked Web Percs
  • Illuminati Etched Logo
  • Includes Dry Herb Bowl

Joint Size: 14mm Female

This Illuminati Glass Sand Blasted Water Pipe features a unique set of web percs. It's a called a web perc because well, it looks like a spider web. If you're scared of spiders don't be scared of this piece because its awesome. The two stacked web percs feature small holes for a lot of filtration and diffusion, and at the top under the neck is an inverted showerhead perc which acts as a splashguard. This water pipe features  a brain and gear design which features awesome detail and design work.

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