Inline Perc Funnel Recycler Rig

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  • 8 Inches tall
  • Bent neck to prevent splashback
  • Thick rounded base for stability
  • Reinforced joint for support
  • Thick flared mouthpiece for flavor
  • Multiple hole inline perc for diffusion
  • Funnel recycler to maximize smoke cooling and flavor
  • 14mm female joint includes matching bowl piece
  • Multiple colors to choose from to match your style
  • Thick high-quality borosilicate glass

This inline perc funnel recycler features a classic recycler design that is tried and true but with added colors for style. The bent neck and flared mouthpiece ensure no splashback and maximum flavor when smoking. The bright color accents make this piece stand out while the all-glass chamber allows you to see the action take place. The inline perc paired with the recycler function will give you the best possible smoking experience that is smooth and flavorful. You can watch as the water is pushed through the inline perc and funneled back down through the recycler arm and back into the main chamber. This piece is made with thick borosilicate glass with a reinforced joint and thick rounded base for durability. The 14mm female joint is polished and comes with a matching dry herb bowl. This piece makes a great dab rig, just add a 14mm male dab nail!