Tattoo Glass - Showerhead Perc Swiss Recycler Bong

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  • Recycler dab rig
  • Deep bowl for long smoking sessions
  • showerhead and swiss perc
  • Sturdy base
  • 9 inches tall
  • 90 degree 14mm female joint
  • Scientific glass
  • The coloraccents will vary*

The Showerhead Perc Swiss Recycler Bong features two percolators for excellent filtration with an outstanding scientific design that will captivate you during each smoking session.

With two percolators working together to cool down your smoke, this water pipe is sure to deliver great-tasting hits during each smoking session. First, the smoke will travel through the bowl and into the showerhead percolator. This perc cycles the smoke around, before releasing it into the main chamber of the bong. As it travels vertically through the bong, the smoke will also be diffused by the water. Finally, the Swiss perc, which should be partially submerged in water, adds a final layer of filtration. Composed of many holes, this perc will cool down your smoke to the perfect temperature, even during those huge bong rips that smokers have come to love.

Created with scientific glass, the Showerhead Perc Swiss Chamber Bong will be quite a spectacle for observers. You can watch in awe as the smoke bubbles and moves upward through the perc bong. And, the Maria rings, located on both the neck of the bong and the joint attaching the bowl to the water pipe, add a unique flare of design. With a bent neck, you can enjoy the pleasures of dry herb smoking without worrying about water entering your mouth.

Priced under $100, this water pipe delivers outstanding value. It’s the perfect daily piece to display on your smoking table, or, for special occasions that call for a water pipe.