Lookah Glass - Dual Wheel Recycler Rig

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Looking for a unique piece with great function? This Lookah Glass Gold Label recycler is just the one for you. Featuring a unique teardrop-shaped chamber to increase smoke cooling and maximize flavor, this piece is a perfect daily dab rig. The bottom chamber contains a little downstem perc that gives you smooth but tasty hits. The dual arms on each side of the piece recycle the smoke and water back down into the main chamber in a continuous motion for a truly incredible smoking experience.
  • Lookah Glass Gold Label
  • 8" Inches Tall
  • Downstem Slitted PercColored Glass Accents
  • Sidecar Mouthpiece
  • Dual Wheel Recycler
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Includes Quartz Banger