Mini Travel Pipe with Colored Accents

$ 14.99
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  • 2.5” long
  • Small, discreet hand pipe
  • Fits neatly in pocket
  • Colored glass accents provide excellent design
  • Deep bowl for plenty of herb
  • Carb hole on left side

The Mini Travel Pipe with Colored Accents is the perfect piece for discreet smoking while on the go or at home.

At only 2.5” long, the Mini Travel Pipe with Colored Accents can be hidden nearly anywhere. And, when your travel plans call for it, you can stow this hand pipe away in a backpack, pocketbook, or even your pocket. This is the perfect piece to discreetly carry with you while on vacation, away at college, or for other occasions when you wish to hide your glass pipe. You won't find a hand pipe that is equally as portable (yet still functional) anywhere else.

Despite its small size, the Mini Travel Pipe with Colored Accents has a beautiful design. Each pipe features a unique color scheme that provides just the right amount of personality.

This travel pipe still allows plenty of potential for group smoking sessions. The carb hole, placed on the left side of the bowl, will allow you to corner the glass pipe, and control the air flow.