MJ Arsenal - Iriedescent Apollo Mini Dab Rig *Limited Edition*

$ 99.00
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MJ Arsenal is always releasing newer and better dab rigs. This Apollo mini dab rig from their new Orbital series is a must have if you prefer smooth and flawless function. The bent neck ensures no water reaches your mouth and the upside down puck perc provides the best possible filtration.


2in x 4in x 7in      

Limited Edition series, we are as excited as ever to release our freshest MJA Colors Collection drop yet! Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing "irie" electroplated borosilicate finish. From every angle, you will see a different color or shimmer!  

Enjoy Apollo like never before in this brand new, collectible, colorful, and limited offering by MJ Arsenal!

Our new standard large quartz bucket (3mm thick) comes included as with MJ Arsenal's entire dab rig lineup. 


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