MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig

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  • MJ Arsenal Dab Rig
  • Perfect size for traveling
  • 4mm thick borosilicate glass
  • 4 inches tall
  • 7mm female joint
  • Sturdy base
  • Offers smooth, cool hits
  • Excellent filtration
  • Percolator for extra diffusion
  • Airtight ground glass connection
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Comfortable to grip

The MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig is the dream dab rig for experienced dabbers looking for a highly functional yet small rig and new dabbers alike! Featuring a complex filtration path that removes the smoke’s harsh qualities, the MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig consistently delivers huge, smooth rips. Whether you’re experienced in concentrate smoking or just getting started with dabbing, the MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig works wonders.

The MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig is specially designed to take filtration to the next level without relying on a huge chamber. After beginning to inhale, smoke moves through the downstem percolator. This glass feature immediately begins to filter the smoke. The smoke then passes through the water, which has an additional cooling effect. When the smoke finally reaches the top, it’ll be extra-smooth and taste great.

When it comes to dabbing on the go, the MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig is the perfect choice. At only 4” tall, it can easily be packed away in a bag. But, the robust function means you can still enjoy the full flavor of your concentrates without any of the harsh taste at a moment’s notice.

With the included quartz banger nail, you can closely control the temperature of your concentrates to find the sweet spot.

Thanks to the flared mouthpiece, you can keep a comfortable grip and ensure that no smoke sneaks through the cracks while you’re dabbing. It fits in the palm of your hand, and has an awesome grip!