Multi Arm Internal Ball Recycler Rig

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  • 8 Inches tall 
  • Dual recycler arms to increase water function
  • Internal ball perc for diffusion and smoke cooling
  • Bent neck to prevent splashback from reaching your mouth
  • Made with thick glass and a thick rounded base for durability
  • Stereo matrix perc for filtration and great flavor
  • Funnel recycler for continuous recycler function without splashback

This Multi-arm internal ball recycler rig features several different features that make this a perfect piece for both dry herbs and concentrates. Starting at the bottom is a thick rounded base to ensure this piece sits safely on any flat surface. Moving up is the stereo matrix perc that contains tons of small slits to maximize smoke cooling and filtration. Sitting above that in the center of this piece is a ball fab egg design that moves the smoke and water around the ball and holes to increase diffusion and surface area to cool down your smoke. After being filtered and diffused the water is continuously recycled through the dual arms and top-funnel that helps maximize flavor and cooling. This piece has a 14mm female joint and includes a matching bowl. To use this piece for concentrates simply add a 14mm male quartz banger.