"Coyōté" Water Pipe

$ 124.99
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  • My Bud Vase bong
  • Sand-Like Texture
  • Matte Aztec-Inspired Design
  • 1.5" Bowl Slide
  • Faux Flowers Included
  • 45° joint
  • Female Joint
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Rubber Grommet

The "Coyōté" waterpipe was named "TOP BONG" winner at the 2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards.

This bong is anything but ordinary. It features a sand textured covering and a large matte painted base, which give "Coyōté" a rugged yet wise appearance. Journey into the future of bongs with "Coyōté" which transcends exquisite smoking experiences.

Additionally, the faux succulent greenery is included! The added touch of green against the desert colors will make this piece decorative when not in use. Be wild at heart. Simply turn the rubber grommet joint away from sight lines and guests will assume you just have a great taste in vases.

About the "Coyōté"

The lone Coyote is believed to be the harbinger of life, as well as the symbol of new birth. It is associated with cleverness and deception. A coyote is a transformer and a shape shifter, which is fitting for such a decorative pipe. Like the animal, this pipe is Discreet and Distinct, Clever and Creative, Deceptive and Daring.