Twisty Glass Blunt Kit

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  • Specially design twistest design pipe
  • Cherry stays lits as your twist
  • Filtered mouthpiece cools down the smoke
  • Hold up to 2 grams of tobacco
  • Includes cleaning brush and scraper
  • Silicone cap for storage and travel

If you have ever tried a normal glass blunt you were probably disappointed in the design. That is why the twisty glass blunt was created. This unique design allows you to hold more, smoke longer and get smoother hits. When you twist it pushes out the burnt ash but keeps the cherry lit. The screw design allows you to fill the entire tube with tobacco and then simply insert and twist the screw to fill all the chambers evenly.

This glass blunt holds a large amount of herbs making it great for smoking with friends or for traveling. The included silicone cap secures your herbs inside without risking any falling out during travel. The cap is also a fast and easy way to put out the lit material so you can throw it in your pocket or a bag. The mouthpiece helps to filter the smoke for a smoother inhale and makes smoking from this glass blunt extremely comfortable.