Pure Potent 500mg CBD Roll-on

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Pure Potent's 500mg Roll-On contains an incredible, all-natural blend of twelve essential oils which deliver relief and recovery instantly. Additionally, many of these essential oils contain exceptional terpene profiles which are particularly beneficial topically. Also, specialists apply them regularly to aromatherapeutic procedures. As a result, in addition to providing pain relief and ailment recovery, its natural aromas help to enrich the body, mind and spirit through its diverse aromatic profiles.

Like every Pure Potent topical, the Pure Potent 500mg Roll-On contains only the finest, high-quality ingredients proven most effective in soothing the sensitive areas. Also, the CBD infusion both strengthens and enhances this already-remarkable formula. Pure Potent CBD Roll-On utilizes both the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of these extraordinary, organic essential oils.