Quad Perc Swiss Honeycomb Chamber Bong

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Imagine, for a moment: a bong with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different percs. Welcome to the future, because that’s what you’ve got right here! Quadruple the quality of smoke in standard bongs, and you’ve got the Quad Perc Swiss Honeycomb Chamber Bong.

This glass bong conmbines showerhead, honeycomb, matrix and Swiss percs. The Quad Perc Honey Swiss Chamber Bong delivers the smoothest, frostiest, and most exquisite hits imaginable. Crafted from scientific glass and topped with a flared mouthpiece, this glass bong is four times the value you’re accustomed to! Order in teal, yellow or green!

Glass Bong Details

- 14” Tall
- 18mm Female Joint
- Matrix Percolator
- Honeycomb Percolator
- Showerhead Percolator
- Swiss Percolator
- Crafted from Scientific Glass
- Flared Mouthpiece
- Available in Teal, Yellow & Green