Quartz Cup Insert Dish For Bangers

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Quartz Cup Inserts are a great addition to any flat top quartz banger. They help to keep your quartz banger clean and increased the life span of your nail. It also adds another layer of quartz to increase the heat retention for larger and better vapor producing dabs. The quartz insert allows you to either heat just the dish and drops it into your banger with tweezers, keeping your quartz banger basically brand new, or you can heat your banger and drop in the quartz dish preloaded with your concentrates. The great thing about dropping it in preloaded is it allows you to easily weight a precise dose and also allows for slower better flavorful dabs.


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Fits Flat Top Quartz Bangers
  • Increases heat retention
  • Keeps your nail looking brand new
  • If your cup breaks its much cheaper than replacing the whole nail
  • Easily weight out precision doses

Will This Fit My Nail?

This is a 22mm diameter cup which means your nail needs to have an inner diameter of at least 1mm less than that.