Res Gel - Bong & Pipe Cleaning Gel

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Res Gel Bong & Pipe cleaner was designed to clean your glass as easy and quickly as possible. Made using all natural clay-based ingredients, this cleaning gel quickly removes resin and dirt from your glass bongs, rigs, nails or pipes. Res Gel uses a patented formula that is soft and gentle on your glass unlike using salt and alcohol.

Res Gel comes in an easy to use and convenient pouring pouch that makes adding this gel to your pipe super easy. The resealable pouch allows you to drop a bowl piece in the bag for cleaning and allows you to reuse the gel a few times before having to dump it!

Nobody likes smoking from a dirty bong, and now with Res Gel you have no more excuses. Pair this with Res Caps for the best bong cleaning experience.

  • No abrasive salts or alcohol
  • Gel formula gets in every small spot
  • 5-30 minute recommended soaking time
  • NOT for use on acrylic or soft plastics