"Bee's Knees" Inline Perc Recycler Bong

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  • 8.5 inches
  • 14mm female joint
  • Bent neck functions as splash guard
  • Adorable bees on bong’s exterior
  • Inline percolator
  • Great for travel or home use
  • Sturdy base
  • Recycler arms

The Bee’s Knees Inline Perc Bong offers outstanding function with an adorable bee design! This bong will help you and your friends to enjoy an outstanding smoking experience.

The buzz about the Bee’s Knees inline Perc Bong is real. This outstanding water pipe offers great filtration, despite its relatively small size. As smoke flows from the bowl and into the water chamber, it will lose some of its harsh qualities. Next, it will pass through the inline perc. This glass fixture within the glass pipe provides even more filtration, as the smoke passes through these slits. By the time that you inhale the smoke, it’ll be a cool and comfortable temperature.

inline Perc Bong is sure to leave an impression on anyone who smokes it. The glass bees on the bong’s exterior add a great dose of personality to this piece. With the bent neck shape, you can keep all of your honey (or hopefully, water) at the bottom, and prevent splash back.

At only 8.5 inches tall, this conveniently sized piece is perfect for travel use. You can easily pack it away for awesome, great-tasting hits during road trips. But, with great function, it’s also perfect for use at home!