Rock Glass - Bent Neck Showerhead Perc Bong

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$ 64.99
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  • 8" Inches Tall
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Includes 14mm Bong Bowl
  • Bent Neck For Comfort
  • Fumed Glass Beaker
  • Showerhead Perc
  • Rock Glass

Rock Glass is known for its simple yet beautiful designs that always function great. This bent neck fumed glass beaker bong is no exception. The super bent neck does a great job of preventing any dirty bong water from reaching your mouth no matter how hard you inhale. In the main beaker chamber is a showerhead perc that contains a large number of small slits to ensure you get the smoothest and coolest smoke possible. The smaller size of this piece makes it great for those who prefer smaller hits or maximum flavor. 

This piece is unique because its beaker bottom features a fumed glass abstract design that will change colors over time. The more you smoke from this piece the more the beaker will change colors. The stunning pink glass with colored spots and swirls will make this piece stand out among traditional bongs. The wide beaker base design and thick glass will ensure this piece never tips off on the table. This piece works great for both dry herbs or concentrates and is available at a very affordable price.