Rock Glass - Pyramid Perc Thick Beaker Bong

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  • 14 inches tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Pyramid percolator
  • Beaker bong
  • Scientific glass
  • Thick borosilicate glass
  • Ice catcher
  • Pinch bowl
  • Wide, sturdy base
  • Comfortable grip
  • Perfect for solo or group smoke sessions
  • Three color options

The Seventh Wonder of the Smoking World!

Enjoy huge, smooth rips with the Rock Glass Pyramid Perc Thick Beaker Bong! This durable scientific perc bong offers top-notch filtration that creates a perfect smoking experience for casual and hardcore smokers alike!

The Rock Glass Pyramid Perc Thick Beaker Bong provides excellent filtration during each smoking session! As you begin to inhale, smoke flows through the bowl and into the pyramid perc. When it passes into the water chamber, the slits at the bottom diffuse the smoke, removing the harsh qualities for a smoother taste. Then, the smoke makes contact with the water, which has a cooling effect, before it moves further up the body of the water pipe. The ice catcher allows you to insert ice cubes inside the bong, which cools down your smoke even more! You can enjoy huge, smooth bong rips whether you prefer smoking alone or in a group!

Bowl Colors will vary depending on availability  

Thanks to the wide base, this water pipe will remain stable on any coffee table or other flat surface! And, the comfortable grip means you’ll love passing this perc bong around the smoking circle even more!