Rock Glass - Quad Showerhead Arm Perc

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  • 10 inches
  • 14mm female joint
  • Two color options
  • Four showerhead percs
  • Sturdy base
  • Pinched bowl for easy removal
  • Scientific glass with durable design
  • Grip at top of water pipe
  • Leave order note with color preference.

The Rock Glass Quad Showerhead Arm Perc water pipe features a cutting-edge design with four percolators that have an awesome filtration effect! This beautiful piece will help you and your friends to enjoy great group smoking sessions.

The Rock Glass Quad Showerhead Arm Perc bong is changing the game with awesome filtration features that will help you and your friends to take cool, smooth hits. As the smoke flows from the bowl through the joint, it will enter the water chamber. The water will cool the smoke, removing the harsh taste and cooling the temperature. Next, the smoke will pass through the four showerhead percolators. These disc-shaped percs also have a cooling effect, with multiple slits that the smoke passes through. When the smoker finally inhales the smoke, it will be much cooler and easier to handle.

Built from high-quality scientific glass, the Rock Glass Quad Showerhead Arm Perc water pipe has an awesome, sleek design. Thanks to the clear glass, you can enjoy the watching the bubbles stacking during the smoking process. The showerhead perc ties the entire design of the bong together. And, the neck piece at the top of the bong also functions as a great grip while passing this piece around to friends.

Created with both hardcore and casual smokers in mind, this piece is perfect for either daily or occasional smoking. For under $100, this bong also makes a great holiday gift.