Rock Glass - Showerhead Perc Recycler

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  • Durable scientific glass
  • Dewar’s joint
  • Thick, sturdy base
  • Ice catcher
  • Showerhead percolator
  • Recycler design
  • Accented bowl, base and mouthpiece
  • 11 inches
  • 14mm female joint
  • Two color options
  • Recycler bong under $100

The Rock Glass Showerhead Perc Recycler bong takes everything that smokers love about hitting a bong and improves on it! Featuring an awesome recycler design, this piece will quickly become a favorite for its awesome filtration.

For smokers who enjoy taking cool, great-tasting hits, the Rock Glass Showerhead Perc Recycler is the ultimate water pipe. The recycler bong style takes the standard filtration ability of water pipes and provides an even smoother hit. After passing through the bowl and the joint, the smoke will flow into the main water chamber. Because the water cools the smoke, the smoke will become softer, and lose some of the harsh taste. Then, it will pass through the showerhead perc, which contains many slits that also filter the smoke. Before rising to the top, though, the smoke passes through the water chamber and the showerhead perc a second time. With the built-in ice catcher, you can also suspend ice cubes to have a final cooling effect on the smoke, before it reaches the top. With two passes through these glass features, you’ll enjoy huge, great-tasting bong rips!

In addition to its awesome filtration, the Rock Glass Showerhead Perc Recycler is built to last. Created with scientific glass, the Rock Glass Showerhead Perc Recycler will not break from light drops. And, thanks to the wide, sturdy base, you can place it on the table in your smoking room without worrying about it falling over.

The Rock Glass Showerhead Perc Recycler can also be used as a dab rig to smoke concentrates. Simply remove the dry herb bowl, replace it with a dab nail, and enjoy! The recycler design will have the same benefit with concentrates, too.