Sand Blasted Lighthouse Water Pipe


  • 11" Inches Tall
  • SandBlasted Ocean & Sailor Theme
  • Large Showerhead Perc
  • Includes Dry Herb Bowl

Joint Size: 14mm Female

This Lighthouse Pipe is the perfect gift for a water lover or for yourself! Made of thick borosilicate glass this piece is sandblasted with unique and detailed designs. The shape and replication of a lighthouse is spot on and will look wonderful sitting on your table. If it wasn't for the bowl on the side you'd never even know you could smoke out of this! Looks are not the only awesome thing about this piece, the function is also amazing. At the bottom of the piece is a large showerhead perc which products a lot of bubbles for maximum smoke filtration and diffusion before exiting the lighthouse into your lungs. 

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