Spiral Neck Inline Percolator Bong

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Get all of the benefits of an inline percolator with the Spiral Neck Inline Perc Bong. Standing at a convenient 10” height, it's perfect for easy storage and portable use. With an exquisite aesthetic and flared mouthpiece, the Spiral Neck Inline Perc Bong is also crafted with a wide, spherical upper chamber. This allows for a healthy smoke release once the inline percolator has filtered and diffused it.

Choose from three distinctive colors to compliment any space: pink, purple or green. The Spiral Neck Inline Perc Bong is a stylish and functional addition to any dedicated smoker’s ensemble.

Unique Features

- 10” Height
- 14mm Female Joint
- Exquisite Glass Craftsmanship
- Inline Percolator
- Available in Pink, Purple or Green
- Spiral Neck Pattern
- Spherical Upper Chamber
- Flared Mouthpiece