Tattoo Glass - Multi Perc Sideways Funnel Recycler

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  • 9 inches tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Includes 4mm thick quartz banger nail
  • Multiple color options
  • Several percolators for great filtration
  • Vertical honeycomb perc
  • Stereo matrix perc
  • Recycler design adds even more diffusion
  • Premium quality durable glass
  • Sleek scientific rig
  • Perfect for solo or group smoking sessions
  • Can also be used to smoke dry herbs
  • Feels great in your hand
  • Bent neck prevents splashback
  • Durable borosilicate glass

Extended Filtration For Extra-Cool Dabs

The Tattoo Glass Multi Perc Sideways Funnel Recycler elevates your dabbing experience to the next level with advanced filtration! This scientific dab rig is the perfect choice for dabbers who appreciate fully filtered concentrate vapor.

This scientific dab rig features an advanced design that allows for maximum diffusion, resulting in great-tasting, smooth vapor each dab session. After heating your concentrates, the vapor moves into the water chamber. The stereo matrix percolator begins the filtration process as the vapor passes through the multiple slits. Then, it moves into the water chamber, which also cools down the vapor. The vapor also passes through the honeycomb percolator, which adds another round of diffusion. Thanks to the recycler design, this process is repeated multiple times before you ultimately inhale for top-notch dabs!

Thanks to the sturdy base and borosilicate glass, this durable piece will last for the long haul. It’s also the ideal dab rig for passing around the circle. Be sure to bring along dabbing accessories for an improved dabbing experience!

This recycler rig can also be used to smoke dry herbs! Simply remove the dab nail and replace it with a 4mm dry herb bowl, and enjoy!