Massive Pyramid Perc Beaker Bong

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  • 18 Inches tall making this a big piece for big hits
  • 9mm thick heavy glass with a thick rounded base for durability.
  • Pyramid perc contains dozens of slits for the best diffusion
  • Ice catcher allows you to add ice for ice-cold smoke
  • Donut perc splashguard prevents water from reaching your mouth
  • Flared 18mm female joint for easy bowl lighting
  • Spiral glass neck gives this piece a unique style

A massive beaker bong with modern-day upgrades

If you are someone that likes bigger pieces for bigger hits the is the perfect one for you. This massive 18-inch beaker bong is made with 9mm thick glass and several unique features you will love. Starting at the bottom in the beaker chamber is a massive pyramid perc that contains a ton of small slits to increase smoke cooling and diffusion while providing very little drag. Sitting above the pyramid perc is an ice catcher and donut-shaped splash guard. The unique splashguard not only prevents water from going up the neck of this piece but it also provides stops your smoke for a brief second for further smoke cooling. Just in case all of that diffusion isn't enough for you, this piece allows you to fill the entire tube with ice for smooth and ice cold smoke.


**Choices of colors will be chosen at random depending on availability.