The "Red Eye" Showerhead Perc Water Pipe

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  • 8 inches tall making it a perfect size for herbs or wax
  • 14mm female accented joint with matching bowl piece
  • Orange colored glass with green glass accents
  • Spiral shaped neck for increase smoke cooling
  • Showerhead percolator provides perfect diffusion and filtration
  • Unique shaped main chamber traps smoke for better smoke cooling
  • The flat rounded bottom main chamber allows for more water
  • The thick rounded main base for added stability

The Red Eye is a sign of a good time!

The Red Eye showerhead perc bong not only has a unique style for looks but also for function. The unusually shaped chamber allows for more water to be in contact with the perc for better smoke cooling and diffusion. The showerhead perc sits in the very bottom of this chamber to ensure you get the best possible smoking experience. Moving up the chamber narrows which helps to condense your smoke for better flavor. One of the most unique aspects of this piece is the spiral-shaped neck that will spin your smoke for more enhanced smoke cooling right before reaching your mouth. The color accents on this piece are a perfect combination that gives this bong a one of a kind appearance. The 14mm female joint includes a matching bowl piece



*** Colors will be chosen at random for base and mouthpiece