Titanium Quartz Stone Pipe

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Titanium Quartz makes you feel grounded,and energized all at once.

Titanium Quartz has incredible healing properties that will make you feel energized and help replaces negative thoughts with positive ones. This spoon pipe is made from natural titanium quartz crystal that gives off differing colors from different angles. This pipe features stunning colors such as green, purple, blue and yellow that make this Titanium Quartz Stone Pipe a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. The mouthpiece, downstem and bowl are all drilled to prescise measurements to ensure a flawless smoking experience. Featuring a sleek and beaitful crystal shape this Titanium Quartz Stone Pipe is a must have for any truu smokers collection.

Length:  4" Inches


  • Stone Pipe
  • Made From Natural Titanium Quartz Crystal
  • Smooth Feel
  • Downstem And Joint Drilled In
  • Detachable Mesh Bowl
  • Iridescent Coloring
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Width: 1.25"
  • Spoon Pipe

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