Toker Supply - Double Honeycomb Eye Bong

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  • 16" Inches Tall
  • Colored Glass Accents
  • Dual Web Percs
  • Showerhead Perc
  • Bent Neck
  • Glass Eye 
  • Includes Dry Herb Bowl

Joint Size: 18mm Female

This water pipe features dual web percolators that each contains dozens of small holes to maximize smoke cooling and filtration. This piece features stunning purple glass accents that can be seen on the percs, main chamber and flared mouthpiece. On the left side of the piece is an eye glass pendant that gives this piece a one of a kind appeal. The bent neck design allows for comfortable smoking sessions and even acts as a natural splashguard to prevent that nasty bong water from reaching your mouth. This piece features a thick base to ensure it sits safely on your table without risk of falling over. The 18mm female joint includes a bowl piece, but add a dab nail and you got yourself an awesome dab rig!