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6 Arm Inline Perc Recycler


  • TokerSupply 6 Arm Inline Perc Recycler Water Pipe
  • 18mm Female Joint
  • Inline Perc Base Chamber
  • 6 Arm Dual Chamber Recycler
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Bent Neck Tubing
  • Thick 5mm Glass Construction
  • Blue, Green, or Pink Colored Accents
  • Glass Recycler with Female Joint
  • 3.5" Diameter Sturdy Base
  • Scientific Glass

Joint Size: 18mm Female

This 6 arm inline perc water bong is not only beautiful but the function is pristine. This recycler is made from thick 5mm scientific glass and features 6 recycler arms and dual chambers. When you start smoking your smoke is first filtered through the inline percs various slits before beginning its rotation through the 6 upper recycler tubes. The bent neck design ensures that you will never inhale any watering the thick sturdy base allows this piece to sit comfortable on any flat surface.


Any of our Water Pipes can be used with concentrates or dry herbs by adding the correct attachment. Want to use this Water Pipe as a dab rig? Add one of our  CONCENTRATE NAILS..

Most commonly referred to as water bongs, glass water pipes are the most popular way to smoke legal herbs and tobacco as well as essentials oils and concentrates. The main benefits of smoking from a water pipe vs a traditional smoking pipe is the water acts as a filter and means of filtration through the water pipes percolators (percs). The water prevents any ash or debris from ever entering your lungs it also helps to cool down the smoke. Percolators are the filtration devices you see inside of water pipes. They cool down and filter your smoke or vapor by creating bubbles and more airflow. There are tons of different types of percolators, all have their pros and cons. SHOP MORE WATER PIPES....


  • Bent Neck: Bent neck designs offer aesthetic and functional qualities. Aesthetically, bent necks give a unique look to your glass water pipe. Functionally, bent necks act as a splashguard, keeping all of the water inside the pipe and outside of your mouth. They also extend the mouthpiece away from the heat source horizontally, giving a more comfortable experience.
  • Thick Glass: This glass pipe contains thick glass which increases its durability and longevity. Thick glass pieces are less likely to break due to their heavy glass construction.
  • Scientific Glass: Scientific glass means this concentrate pipe or water pipe is made from a specific type of borosilicate glass. It features clear glass (sometimes with very minor color accents), a “laboratory” design, and usually an overall design that resembles scientific equipment (glass beaker chambers, straight tubes, etc.)
  • Clear Glass: This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates.
  • Inline Perc: An inline perc is a horizontal tube with gridded slits cut around and under the tube. These classic percs offer great diffusion without sacrificing for airflow.
  • Recyclers: A recycler is a certain type of water pipe or dab rig that "recycles" the water and smoke through the pipes different chambers. The water and smoke travels through the first chamber to the last and back to the first. This motion provides a continuously loop of filtration and smoke cooling. Recyclers are great for both dry herbs and concentrates.  SHOP MORE RECYCLERS....


Customer Questions & Answers:

6 Arm Inline Perc Recycler

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  • Hey guys! My girlfriend broke the bowl for my 6 arm glass pipe. I just want to know which size bowl piece(male part) is required for my bong so that i can buy a replacement.

    18mm Male Dry Herb Bowl!

  • Hi guys! I\'m resending this because i think I submitted the wrong email before. I\'m sending this email because i recently purchased the 6 arm glass pipe, and my girlfriend broke my bowl piece trying to clean it. I just need to know which size male is required for this particular glass pipe?

    You will need an 18mm Male Dry Herb Bowl!

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