Fumed Hammer Style Bubbler

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A unique hammer bubbler with fumed glass!

The Fumed Hammer Style Bubbler w/ Latty Accents is made with fumed glass and features colored rope-like designs all throughout. Choose from red or blue ropes. Inside the main chamber is a fixed downstem for diffusion and filtration. This is attached to the deep bowl that allows you to had a large number of herbs. The unique hammer style allows you to rest your bubbler on the table when not using it without worrying about tipping it over. There are also glass bubbles on the base of the bubbler that help to hold it comfortably in your hand. The combination of the hammer design and great diffusion this Fumed Hammer Style Bubbler is a great addition to any glass collection.


  • Hammer Bubbler
  • Colors and designs will vary
  • Side Carb Hole
  • Raised Glass Bubbles For Grip
  • Hammer Style
  • Fumed Glass
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Deep Bowl
  • Colored Glass