Triple Chamber Showerhead Perc Water Pipe


  • 12" Inches Tall
  • Triple Chamber Showerhead Percs
  • Available in Green Slyme or Purple
  • Includes Dry Herb Bowl
  • Bent Neck Design

Joint Size: 18mm Female

This Triple Chamber Showerhead Perc Pipe features triple stacked showerhead percs for 3x the amount of filtration and diffusion for smooth milky rips every time. This water pipe is available in green slyme or purple color accents. This piece is made from thick 5mm borolicate glass and sits on a thick sturdy base. At the top is a bent neck to make sure no water ever gets in your mouth no matter how hard you rip it. If you're looking for a top quality piece that not only looks amazing but has maximum diffusion this is the piece for you.

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