Triple Chamber Stereo Matrix Perc Bong

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Take in the extraordinary cooling benefits of not one, not two, but three percolators installed in one glorious bong! Utilizing all three percolators, the Triple Chamber Stereo Matrix Perc Bong passes smoke through three separate chambers, each time filtering and cooling them until they’re reached maximum smoothness.

Crafted from authentic scientific glass, this glass bong has a sturdy base platform and flared mouthpiece, to keep it stable, safe and deliver the most smoke possible. Triple your smoke’s smoothness and frostiness with the Triple Chamber Stereo Matrix Perc Bong! Available to order in blue or black.

Perc Bong Features

- 18” Height
- 14mm Female Joint
- Assorted Colors
- Crafted from Scientific Glass
- Equipped with Three Percolators
- Flared Mouthpiece
- Sturdy, Thick Base Platform