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Thick Triple Inverted Showerhead Water Pipe


  • 7mm Thick Glass
  • 19" Inches Tall
  • Triple Stacked Inline Showerhead Percolators
  • Diffused Splash Guard
  • 5.5 Inch Base Diameter
  • 14mm Thick Base

Joint Size: 18mm Female

The Triple Inverted Showerhead Perc Water Pipe is a heavy duty piece, with insane percolation! This water features clear glass with and stands strong at 19 inches, and has a reinforced 90 degree joint and sits on a 14mm thick base. This piece has three chambers, including inverted showerhead percolator in each chamber. This perc combination provides a hearty chug with a smooth diffused hit, and a splash guard and ice catcher prevent any water reaching the mouthpiece! This water pipe comes with a dry herb bowl.


Customer Questions & Answers:

Thick Triple Inverted Showerhead Water Pipe

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  • Having trouble figuring out the right water level. Any tips?

    I'd reccomend filling the bottom chamber. The best to figure out the perfect water level is to overfill the piece when its totally clean and pull as hard as you can until you no longer get water in your mouth!

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