UPC Heavy Wall Straight Tube Water Pipe

An incredibly solid pipe for an incredible price.

This is a significant upgrade from a standard straight tube bong. This UPC heavy wall straight tube was handmade in Los Angeles, California. This piece is made with super thick borosilicate glass and is available in 5mm, 7mm or 9mm glass thickness. Featuring a diffused downstem for the perfect amount of diffusion and an ice catcher to help cool down your smoke this piece will give you super strong but smooth rips. With the signature, UPC Glass barcode logo on the neck this piece will stand out in your glass collection.

  • Diffused downstem in straight tube to ice pinch
  • 14" tall, 18" tall, or 24" tall
  • 50mm diameter tubing
  • 5mm, 7mm or 9mm thick glass
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Black UPC decals 
  • Comes with 18mm to 14mm downstem and bowl

Proudly handmade in Los Angeles, California.

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